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Our breakthrough technology uses a catalytic process to directly convert natural gas into liquid fuels or petrochemical building blocks. This was achieved using a combination of new innovations in catalyst development, a thorough definition and understanding of all the important key process variables, and a highly motivated, creative research and engineering team. 


Our technology encompasses two basic chemistries:
  1. Oxidative Coupling of Methane (“OCM”)  
The OCM reaction involves a source of oxygen and methane (the principal component of natural gas), in a direct catalyzed reaction to produce ethylene and water. In addition, this technology can also co-feed ethane for conversion into ethylene. Ethylene is the world’s largest petrochemical building block used in the production of a wide range of plastics, coatings, adhesives, engine coolants, detergents and other everyday products. The ethylene from the OCM reaction can be purified using conventional separations technologies, resulting in petrochemical grade ethylene ready for use in downstream chemical production or transport in an ethylene pipeline.   Click for more information.
  1. Ethylene to Liquids (“ETL”)
The OCM ethylene can be converted using a different catalyst into liquid hydrocarbon fuels or blend stocks, in a process referred to as Ethylene to Liquids. The composition of the liquids products can be tailored to a preferred composition and specification. Examples of ETL products include gasoline, condensates, aromatics, heavy oil diluents and distillates (diesel and jet fuel).  Click for more information.