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Demonstration Plant
The demonstration plant is designed to produce approximately one ton of ethylene per day (350+ tons per year), which will further validate the OCM reaction process to convert methane to ethylene and will provide engineering data for design of a commercial scale system. The plant is pipeline fed and includes integration with the host site. 

The demonstration plant is designed to prove out the commercialization of our OCM technology from small-scale units (<250,000 tons per year of ethylene) through world scale plants (>1,000,000 tons per year of ethylene), as well as retrofits of existing world scale steam crackers. This involved detailed design to prove out multiple configurations of the technology including feedstock flexibility of running on different oxygen sources (air, enriched air, or pure oxygen) and pipeline natural gas with co-feeding ethane at different amounts.

The demonstration plant began operation in early 2015, and is the final pre-commercial scale-up of our OCM process technology.

Since the plant’s start-up, we has successfully completed over 20 test campaigns designed to replicate customer-specific commercial operating conditions, including varying temperatures, pressures, flow rates, and inlet gas compositions. We have also fully verified feedstock flexibility, running on both air and oxygen, and varying the amount of ethane that can be incorporated into the process as a co-feed.