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Gemini - Natural Gas to Ethylene

Gemini is the first commercial process to directly convert natural gas into ethylene, a key building block for the global petrochemicals industry.  This breakthrough process enables natural gas to supplement petroleum as the world-wide basis for commodity chemicals and plastics.

The Gemini process is based on the Oxidative Coupling of Methane, a catalyst mediated reaction that converts methane, in the presence of oxygen, to ethylene. More information on OCM can be found here.

Gemini can be integrated at every stage of the hydrocarbon value chain to provide more efficient and economically attractive use of light alkanes (methane, ethane, and/or propane).   Examples include:
  • Upstream - Gemini's application to large scale gas monetization as an alternative to conventional gas processing, gas production and steam-cracking of NGLs to chemicals;
  • Base chemical production - Gemini's integration with a feedstock-constrained steam cracking facility to expand its capacity and reduce its feedstock costs;
  • On-purpose olefin production - Gemini's integration with a derivative producer provides a viable option for vertical integration and on-site production of olefins.  
For more information on Gemini, please contact: Siluria_Inquiries@LummusTech.com