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Our Portfolio
Siluria has developed a natural gas focused technology platform from which a wide range of opportunities can be captured. Our proprietary technologies enable the highly efficient conversion of natural gas into fungible liquid fuels or valuable chemicals.
Based on these innovations and in collaboration with our engineering partners, Siluria has created a growing portfolio of process configurations with applications in upstream, midstream gas processing, downstream chemicals production and refining operations. The potential applications fall within two categories, industry driven and supply driven opportunities, as follows:
Industry Driven Opportunities
  • Retrofit or expansion of existing steam crackers
  • Conversion of methane and ethane in midstream plants into chemicals and fuels
  • Upgrading or retrofits of oil refineries
Supply Driven Opportunities
  • Monetization and upgrade of remote, stranded gas
  • Solutions to flared gas
  • Conversion of existing industry off gas streams
  • Capture and conversion of biogas

The company is initially focused on providing solutions to the Ethylene and Midstream Gas Processing industries: 

Ethylene Industry
Siluria has developed a scalable process for the production of polymer-grade ethylene from natural gas. This process has been reviewed in a recent IHS PEP Publication and has been described as “the first revolution in ethylene production since the development of steam cracking.”(1)  

Siluria’s ethylene technology provides a competitive advantage over current commercial ethylene crackers. When compared to naphtha-based ethylene (which constitutes the majority of ethylene production globally), Siluria’s technology provides an economic advantage when crude oil prices are 8 times or more than that of natural gas (e.g. at $5/MMBtu gas, oil ≥ $40/bbl). In markets where NGL or ethane based ethylene is dominant, Siluria’s technology provides an economic advantage where the delivered cost of ethane to the cracker gate is 12 cents per gallon or more over its energy value. For a world scale plant in the U.S. gulf coast, over the last few years this advantage would have been very substantial. The cash cost and capital charge advantage compared to naphtha cracking would have been approximately $1.25 billion per year. On a similar basis, the advantage over ethane cracking would have been approximately $250 million per year.

Siluria is partnered with The Linde Group, a world leading gases and engineering company, to offer the industry licenses for retrofitting existing ethylene plants and for new world-scale ethylene builds. Siluria is also offering a small-scale ethylene production process (ranging from 50 to 150 kTA) to serve the needs of today’s merchant ethylene buyers, and to enable capital-efficient incremental capacity additions for existing producers. Siluria is currently in discussions with potential industry partners regarding the deployment of its natural gas to ethylene technology.  
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Midstream Gas Processing Industry

By thoughtfully integrating our methane-to-ethylene and ethylene-to-liquids technologies, Siluria has developed a process tailored to address the challenges and opportunities in the midstream gas processing industry.  Designed as modularized units, Siluria’s midstream offering converts methane (and optionally ethane) into higher value products such as gasoline and condensate. The technology enables a new approach to value creation in the midstream sector: capital-efficient projects creating distributable cash flow independent of new acreage dedication and NGL decline rates.
Siluria is currently in discussions with potential strategic and financial industry partners regarding the deployment of its natural gas-to-liquids technology.  Click for more information


[1]Chemical Week, May 6, 2014:  Don Bari, Vice President of Technology and Analytics Group at IHS Chemical