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Other Deployments
The reach of our technology platform extends well beyond the ethylene and midstream gas processing industries. Lummus Technology intends to develop these opportunities in collaboration with strategic partners.

Stranded Gas Monetization
Natural gas resources are at times located at extreme physical distance from markets, or require costly treatment due to a high concentration of impurities. When these resources are left in place rather than developed, they are often considered economically or technically “stranded.” In fact, it is estimated that 25 to 50% of the world's known natural gas reserves are stranded. Today, owners of these resources are left with few economically attractive options. Our technologies can offer substantial capital cost savings that accrue from a considerably simpler process than syngas based processes like Fischer-Tropsch, and strategic advantages over LNG with higher value and more globally fungible products.

Refinery Integration
We can offer a range of valuable integration opportunities for existing oil refineries, resulting in the production of more valuable products while consuming less crude oil. In other settings, a refinery may produce excess impure methane streams that can be upgraded to chemicals or fuels using one or more of our technologies.

Flared Gas Abatement
The natural gas associated with the production of higher value products such as crude oil can often be problematic. As an associated product of mining and remotely located oil production, natural gas is often burned in a flare. This “problem gas” is often dangerous, environmentally harmful and economically wasteful. BP’s Statistical Energy Review estimates that the world currently flares about 5,000 Bcf  of natural gas every year. The ability to convert this resource into useful transportable liquids has been a long-standing technical challenge for the Exploration and Production and Mining industries. Our technology platform can enable solutions to this challenge based on a high tolerance for impure gaseous feedstocks, the ability to scale down economically, and the ability to produce a fungible liquid with minimal product workup and logistical costs.
Renewable Methane
Biogas resources currently produced in landfills, agricultural digesters, and water treatment facilities present a unique opportunity. The ability to take renewable methane to higher value markets such as chemicals and liquid fuels can help facilitate the further development of these resources. Our technology platform can enable a unique approach based on a high tolerance for N2 and CO2 common in biogas, and the ability to scale appropriately to the size of the source. Further, users of our technologies in other industries can make use of renewable methane as a component of their overall feedstock slate without requiring the adoption of a new process technology.