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Natural Gas Opportunity
Siluria’s innovative use of natural gas as a feedstock for higher value products comes amidst a dramatic shift in the energy landscape. Advances in exploration and production technologies have enabled access to shale reserves that were previously uneconomical to produce. As a result, proven natural gas supplies continue to grow. According to the recently released Annual Energy Outlook 2014 by U.S. EIA, natural gas production in the United States is expected to expand dramatically, climbing by 56% between 2012 and 2040, to an estimated 37.6 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) per year. Similar trends are expected to occur in other geographies.
Overall, the abundance of natural gas supplies creates a profound and global opportunity. Siluria’s technology enables the highest and best use of these natural resources to help realize the maximum potential of the natural gas revolution.

Siluria's Solution: Building with Natural GasTM 
Difficulty in transportation and current technical constraints of using natural gas have relegated it to a narrowly used commodity, or worse, a wasted or unused resource. 
Today, natural gas is mostly burned to produce heat and/or power and sometimes broken apart into carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2) as a raw material for products such as fertilizer. As much as half of the world’s natural gas supply is logistically challenged in hard to reach geographies such as Alaska’s North Slope or in smaller local consumption markets such as the Middle East. In many situations, stranded gas is being “flared” with no economic value and negative environmental impact to the tune of 5,000 billion cubic feet (Bcf) per year. The release of methane from agricultural operations, landfills and the like, is another supply and sustainability opportunity but poses further material threats to the environment as the released, unused methane is a greenhouse gas with a global warming potential 21 times that of CO2.
Globally abundant supplies of natural gas, the continuing need for transportation fuels and chemicals and sustainability concerns are a combination for which the world needs a solution through new innovation. Siluria has answered this call by developing an innovative technology that provides a better way to use our natural gas resource. Siluria's innovation uses chemistry to ‘couple’ methane molecules into longer-chain and more valuable molecules like chemicals or fuels. Instead of burning or breaking it, Siluria is Building with Natural GasTM.

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