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Our Partners
Our business models are market driven and tailored to suit the needs of the industries in which we participate. In general, we are building a portfolio of: (1) licensing via partnerships or preferred vendor relationships with EPC firms who are recognized leaders in their respective industry segments, and (2) joint venturing or partnering with strategic operating company partners in areas such as: Ethylene and Derivatives Production, Midstream Gas Processing and Large Scale GTL Plants. This would include parts of our portfolio that may be developed in conjunction with a partner such as natural gas-to-aromatic chemicals in the chemicals industry or associated gas-to-diesel in the mining industry.

Our partners include:

In January of 2014, Siluria announced our first strategic partnership with Braskem, a leading producer of ethylene and thermoplastic resins in the Americas. This partnership encompasses two key elements:
  1. Siluria’s OCM Demonstration Plant will be installed at Braskem’s site in La Porte, Texas and is expected to begin operations in the fourth quarter of 2014.
  1. A broad ranging collaboration around the deployment of Siluria’s OCM technology. This includes jointly exploring commercial deployment of Siluria’s technology for supplying ethylene to Braskem. A joint team initiated a feasibility study on this in early 2014. The collaboration also includes certain non-exclusive technology options for Braskem, as well as opportunities for Braskem to be an ethylene customer for future Siluria plants, and rights for Siluria ownership participation in Braskem projects using OCM technology.

The Linde Group

In June 2014, Siluria and The Linde Group, a world leading gases and engineering company, jointly announced a new collaboration agreement. The primary objective of the agreement is to combine the respective company’s technologies and expertise into an optimized and integrated package which Linde would license to the petrochemicals industry for both revamps or expansions at existing ethylene plants and for new world scale ethylene plants. The companies have formed joint teams, which will fully integrate the company’s respective technologies and collaborate through the final scale-up and demonstration of the OCM technology at the previously announced demonstration plant that Siluria is constructing at Braskem’s site in La Porte, Texas. Both companies expect to be offering the technologies to the broader ethylene industry in the second half of 2015.


Saudi Aramco

In August of 2014, Siluria announced that Saudi Aramco was the lead investor in Phase 1 of its Series D round financing. As a result of this Saudi Aramco has also joined the Siluria Board of Directors. It is the intent of Siluria and Saudi Aramco to pursue initial deployment of Siluria’s OCM technology in Saudi Arabia as well as world scale deployments. A joint team effort has been initiated regarding the initial deployment project.



National Petrochemical Industrial Company

In November of 2015, Siluria announced that the National Petrochemical Industrial Company, NatPet, was the lead investor in Phase 1 of its Series E round financing. As a result of this NatPet has also joined the Siluria Board of Directors. It is the intent of Siluria and NatPet to pursue the deployment of Siluria’s OCM technology in Saudi Arabia, as well as other commercialization efforts worldwide.


Maire Tecnimont S.p.A.

In June of 2016, Siluria announced their partnership with Maire Tecnimont S.p.A. as part of their Series E round financing. Siluria and Tecnimont intend to combine their respective technologies and expertise to bring to the marketplace a unique process to convert natural gas directly into commodity chemicals and their derivative products.


Air Liquide

In June of 2016, Siluria announced their partnership with Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions as part of their Series E round financing. Siluria and Air Liquide intend to collaborate on the development of novel catalytic processes utilizing both companies' expertise in gas conversion technologies.

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