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Edward J. Dineen
Chief Executive Officer
“Natural gas is the most abundant pure-source hydrocarbon in the world and Siluria is the first company to come up with an economical, practical way to turn it into liquid fuels and chemicals. Siluria can lower costs for current manufacturers by integrating our technology into existing sites. We can provide a more capital- and cost-effective alternative to new capacity investments while expanding feedstock flexibility. And it can be economically implemented at smaller scale. The Siluria team is ready to bring this game-changing technology to market.”
Mr. Dineen was formerly President and Chief Executive Officer of LS9, which develops biotechnology-based fuels and chemicals. Prior to joining LS9, Mr. Dineen served as Chief Operating Officer of LyondellBasell, one of the world’s largest polymers, petrochemical and fuels companies where he was responsible for manufacturing, environmental, health and safety, business management and sales, research and development, supply and procurement and business finance. During his 32 year career at LyondellBasell Industries and its predecessor companies, he was directly involved in growing many of the fuels and chemicals businesses into global market leading positions. Mr. Dineen was formerly a member of the Board of Directors of LS9 and Spartech, a U.S.-based plastics company. A native of New York City, Mr. Dineen received his bachelor's and master's degrees in chemical engineering from the Cooper Union and Princeton University, respectively. He also holds a Master of Science in management from Drexel University.

Jeffrey P. Wood
Chief Financial Officer

"The applications of Siluria's groundbreaking technology are wide-ranging and have the potential to change the energy landscape. Siluria is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the shale gas revolution to meet the world's growing energy needs in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner."

Mr. Wood joined Siluria in June of 2014 as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for Siluria's financing strategies and manages the company's external communications, accounting and human resources functions. Prior to Siluria, Mr. Wood was Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Eagle Rock Energy Partners, a publicly-traded master limited partnership with upstream and midstream operations. Prior to Eagle Rock, Mr. Wood spent 11 years at Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. in a number of investment banking and investment management positions focused primarily on the midstream sector. Mr. Wood started his career in public accounting with Price Waterhouse LLP. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and a BA from Baylor University.

Richard Black
Executive Vice President - Midstream  

“The Midstream Industry has mastered the technology of separating valuable liquid components from natural gas.  This ability to efficiently separate hydrocarbons coupled with the tremendous shale development is providing a renascence to the US Midstream and Petrochemical Industries.  Siluria’s revolutionary technology will allow it’s Midstream partners the ability to add ethylene and fuels to their core business in an environmentally friendly, scalable, repeatable and profitable manner using equipment currently deployed at gas processing sites.   This in turn will benefit consumers with additional affordable energy choices.” 
Mr. Black joined Siluria in September 2014 as Executive Vice President of Midstream.  He is responsible for leading Siluria’s effort to deploy its technologies and create businesses in the Midstream Industry.  Prior to Siluria, Mr. Black was Founder and Principal of Blackhawk Energy Consultants, a private consulting firm providing business development, marketing and contract negotiation expertise to the energy industry.  Prior to forming Blackhawk, Mr. Black spent 20 years at BP America and predecessor companies in expanding roles in engineering, operations, and business development including leading BP America’s business development for its Deepwater Gulf of Mexico hydrocarbon pipeline and processing infrastructure.  Mr. Black has a BS Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Erik Scher
Executive Vice President - Research & Development

“The country and the world are in the midst of transitioning from an oil driven economy to a gas based one. At Siluria, we are driving to make it a more efficient, cleaner, and economical transition for our partners, by bringing our technology to market with them. Whether in North America, or other parts of the world, our process benefits both producers and consumers of ethylene and fuels.”

Dr. Scher oversees Siluria's research and development, catalyst scale-up and commercial catalyst manufacturing, pilot plant engineering, CA site operations, and intellectual property. Dr. Scher helped start Siluria and has continued to build the team from 2 people to over 75 personnel, all focused on commercializing Siluria’s technology for natural gas conversion into chemicals and fuels. In conjunction with the Conceptual Engineering and Corporate Development teams, the R&D teams work with Siluria’s corporate partners to ensure an optimized plant design and economic operation of commercial plants. During his 14 years in industry, Dr. Scher has helped start, build, and lead teams at multiple companies focused on energy and materials, including process development, pilot engineering, catalyst scale-up, new materials development, and R&D teams. He has also been responsible for partnership collaborations and joint development programs with several multi-national companies. Dr. Scher did his undergraduate work at Rice University and holds a PhD in Materials Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.  He is an inventor on over 50 issued patents, and was awarded the MIT TR100 Award for his industry work in energy in 2003.

Rahul Iyer
Vice President - Corporate Development

“A flood of new fuel and chemical technologies will hit the market in the coming years, some with real potential to positively impact industry, customers, and the environment. Siluria has the ability to fundamentally change the heart of these industries with dramatic improvements in both economic and environmental performance. Our process technology is compatible with the scale of petrochemical infrastructure, and we produce truly fungible products from increasingly abundant raw materials.”

Mr. Iyer serves as Vice President of Corporate Development. With his experience navigating clean technology commercialization for multiple award-winning projects and companies, Mr. Iyer plays an instrumental role advancing Siluria’s strategy development and financing activities. Prior to Siluria, Mr. Iyer worked in clean energy for more than a decade co-founding multiple companies where he drove the commercialization of new technologies. Most recently, Mr. Iyer co-founded and served as Chief Strategy Officer of Primafuel, a waste-to-chemicals company recognized in 2008 by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer. Previously, he co-founded a fuel cell technology company, which became Intelligent Energy (IEH) now traded on the London Stock Exchange. At Intelligent Energy, he supported financing efforts, the development of the ENV Fuel Cell Motorcycle (recognized by Time and Popular Science as one of the Best Inventions of 2005) and helped develop projects with the World Bank, US Department of Defense, and US Department of Energy. Mr. Iyer is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley in Mechanical Engineering.

Guido Radaelli
Vice President - Engineering 

“Developing catalytic technologies that can directly convert natural gas, one of the most abundant and available resources worldwide, into fuels and chemicals has long been an extremely challenging proposition from both a technical and a commercial standpoint. The fact that Siluria has reached such a degree of demonstration with its breakthrough technologies creates a unique opportunity for the rapid and broad deployment into a variety of markets. I am excited to be a part of this world class effort and to play a key role in the scale-up and commercialization of the company’s proprietary processes.”

Mr. Radaelli joined Siluria in January of 2013. He manages Siluria’s engineering team and leads the technology scale-up efforts. Mr. Radaelli has over 15 years of both domestic and international experience in process development and the commercialization new technologies in both renewable fuels and petrochemicals. He previously served as Vice President of Engineering for Aurora BioFuels Inc. Prior to Aurora, he worked for Casale Group. He started his career in Casale's Process Engineering Department, where he developed expertise across all aspects of chemical plant design. He also led Casale's R&D department. During his time at Casale Group, Mr. Radaelli directed interdisciplinary teams, managed multi-million dollar R&D projects and partnered with leading academic institutions and engineering companies. He holds an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business and an MS with honors in Chemical Engineering from Politecnico of Milan in Italy. 

Gary Koehler
Vice President - Operations

“Siluria is building a portfolio of abundant natural gas based technologies which will change the future of the largest production volume chemicals in the world. The Siluria team is coupling together talent, novel catalysts and reconfigured process technology that align with feedstock and market opportunities in revolutionary, exciting, and value adding ways.”

Gary Koehler has nearly 4 decades of experience in the chemicals industry having been Director of Engineering Services for LyondellBasell, Director of Chemicals and Fuels Research and Development for Lyondell, and led 4 different locations as Site Manager for ARCO Chemical, Equistar and Lyondell. He graduated as a chemical engineer from the Pennsylvania State University and has worked in numerous process technologies from basic petrochemicals to intermediate chemical, specialties and polymer products. He has led scale-up of several novel manufacturing systems and is strongly committed to process safety and excellence in operations.


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