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Welcome   Siluria in the News
Building with Natural GasTM

At Siluria Technologies, we're supplementing crude oil with natural gas. Our catalytic process transforms methane—one of the most abundant, inexpensive and widely available hydrocarbons on earth—into transportation fuels and commodity chemicals in an efficient, cost-effective, scalable manner using processes that can be seamlessly integrated into existing industry infrastructure. With our technology, we can reduce oil imports, lower prices for consumers and businesses, increase profits for gas producers, reduce environmental emissions and bring about greater global stability.


Upstart Siluria Technologies Turns Shale Gas Into Plastics And Gasoline
Siluria opens demo plant to directly convert natural gas to ethylene
Methane-to-Ethylene Plant Comes Online in Texas
Siluria Technologies announces successful start-up of first demo plant directly converting natural gas to ethylene through OCM
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